FORREST – Forest Regeneration and Environmental Sustainability Trust, was born on OCT 2015. It is registered as a not-for-profit organization (NGO). We conceptualized FORREST to strengthen the bond between humans and nature and to create a path for harmonious co-existence.

FORREST is strategically focusing on Aichi Biodiversity targets through work by-

  • Mainstreaming Biodiversity
  • Promoting sustainable use of resources
  • Conservation of habitats through research & action
  • Ecosystem Services Evaluation
  • Knowledge management and capacity building of the stakeholders


FORREST logo symbolizes its vision.

  • F is depicted as a tree and as a forest ecosystem. It represents our diverse and rich flora and fauna and FORRREST’s goal of forest conservation.
  • Rs are represented as humans and one with green dot over it, depicts environmental consciousness.
  • Rs signify humans as integral part of ecosystem and FORREST’s goal for integrated ecosystem management.
  • Water represents our aim of water conservation.
  • Green and brown colours connect to mother earth